Create your Southpark and Simpsons avatar

Here are the list of websites that I use and used to visit to create my 'virtual' self..
You can create your own too..
  1. South Park Create-A-Character
  2. South Park Character Creator
  3. South Park Studio
P/s: Some of the site use flash so you can't save it but you can try SnagIt, Sliber or any other screen capture tool and edit/crop it using Picasa, etc

The Simpsons

  1. The Simpsons movie site is pretty blah until you get to the part where you can create a Simpsons avatar of yourself.
  2. Simpsonize Me provide you the tools to 'simpsonized' yourself by uploading your own phot0.

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What is your Japanese name?

Find this name generator and other cool funny and weird things you can put in your blog.
These are just 2 examples of hundred questions about relationships, birthdays, interests, and more. You can find it at BlogThings.

Your Japanese Name Is...

Shunichi Aburakoji

Your German Name is:

Maximilian Florian
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Computer Geeks Pickup Lines

- Nice Set of Floppies!

- Hey, how 'bout I take off your cover and insert a bigger CPU.

- I'd like to play on your laptop.

- Need me to unzip your files?

- If you were an ISP, I'd dial you all day long!

- I'd like to boot up your PC!

- I'll bet my hard drive is the biggest you've ever seen!

- I've got a 21 inch... (monitor)

- Your homepage or mine?

-Can I upgrade that to the larger version?

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Do you really believe Neil Amstrong went to the moon?

"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." - Neil Armstrong
Those words became some of the most memorable in history and defined an era. 38 years later, people around the world still look to the stars and imagine what it would be like to walk on the moon, but do you believe Neil Amstrong really went to the moon? Well see this and decide..
p/s: The first video is my favourite.. :P

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What Michael Jackson might look like now if he never get a plastic surgery

Plasticizied points us to a version of how Michael Jackson might look today without any plastic surgery. Cool eh? What do you think?

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Kurt Cobain (& Nirvana) Gear

There's a website that has descriptions about all of Kurt Cobain's and the other members gear that they used in different albums. It includes what guitars Kurt had used including his famous Fender Mustangs, detailed information about his amps and effects he uses in all of the band's album.
Enough said. Just visit Kurt Cobain Equipment FAQ and Nirvana Equipment Guide.


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Rihanna 'may make chart record'

Rihanna has just announced her first major UK arena tour.
R&B singer Rihanna's hit 'Umbrella' is set to become the longest-running number one single for more than a decade, according to reports.

Music Week magazine said the track, which features rapper Jay-Z, is likely to top the chart for a 10th week.
The last song to spend more than 9 weeks at number one was Wet Wet Wet's 'Love Is All Around' in 1994.

If she does make it 10 weeks at number one, she will become only the seventh artist in chart history to reach double figures.
Three of the previous six came in the early 1990s - Wet Wet Wet, Bryan Adams and Whitney Houston - with the other three soon after the charts began in the 1950s.
Barbados-born Rihanna, who recently performed at the Tokyo leg of Live Earth, released her first UK single, Pon De Replay, in 2005.

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy an iPhone

Too Expensive
Is Apple kidding us? $599 for a freaking phone? Wow ... just wow.
No phone is worth that much money even if it has a few "gee whiz" and "it's neat" type features. Apple has gone way, way off the deep end this time with the price of this behemoth phone.
Why would anybody be foolish enough to pay that much for a cell phone? Are people that addicted to blabbing on the phone that they must pay $600 to do so? Sheesh, get a life people.
Do you really want to waste your money lining the pockets of Steve Jobs and his minions at Apple? Take the $599 and do something productive with it instead of wasting it on yet another over-hyped, over-priced Apple product.

Tiny Storage
Well, just as with the iPod, we can always count on Apple screwing us over with tiny amounts of storage space.
The $499 iPhone has 4 gigabytes and the $599 has 8GB. What on earth does Apple expect people to do with that tiny bit of storage space?
Think about it. The vaunted iPhone is supposed to be able to play movies as well as play songs.
Well, how many movies are you going to be able to store with just 4GB of storage space? And how many songs can you carry? That's to say nothing of your other data that you might need to tote around with you.
Apple appears to have rushed headlong into the release of the iPhone with no thought whatsoever about how starved for storage space iPhone users will soon be.
What does Jobs think is going to happen? That people will carry around a terabyte external hard disk with them to desperately try to carry their needed data?
Come off it, Steve. The minimum data storage for the $499 iPhone should have been 500 GB at the very least, with the top of the line model having at least 800 GB or preferably 1 terabyte.

Stylish and Stupid
There's no doubt about it that the iPhone looks "stylish" when you first see it. But isn't that really the problem with all of Apple's products? They look pretty, but provide very low value for the price?
Do you really want to be a loser that overpays for the iPhone just to look cool for a little while? Don't forget that no matter how "stylish" you look, sooner or later other people will have an iPhone too, and then you'll just look stupid.
Is that what you're really after? To look stupid trying to be cooler than everybody else?
Hey, you can do that without spending $600. In fact, you may have already achieved that goal just by reading this column, but I'll leave that to each reader to decide for themselves.

Edge and Not 3G
Apple's decision to go with AT&T is also costly for another reason. The iPhone apparently will be using AT&T's super-slow and crappy EDGE data service instead of 3G. Wow.
Another major screw-up by Apple. Are you willing to pay for a slow data connection on your "cool" iPhone?
Stop and think about that for a minute. You're going to be paying for a data service that might take a few minutes to load this Web page, depending on how it performs that day you use it.
Given that the iPhone is supposed to be "cutting edge," I can't imagine what Apple was thinking to release it on a service that doesn't offer 3G data transfer speeds.
It's like Apple released a Corvette that can only go up to 35 mph. What the heck is the point?

No Flash or Java Support
Flash and Java are both pretty basic parts of the Web experience. And yet Steve Jobs and his lackeys have arbitrarily decided to exclude them from the iPhone Web experience.
So much for "the Internet in your pocket" blather that Jobs was spewing earlier on. It's more like the "crippled, crappy, lame version of the Internet in your pocket" instead.
No doubt, though, that Apple's marketing department will probably put their usual spin on this and start touting the iPhone as being "Flash-free" or "Java-free" as though both things were positives instead of negatives.
And you know what? The Apple Faithful will eat it up! They'll storm out onto the Web and begin filling discussion forums and newsgroups with inane comments about how the iPhone "protects" users from evil things like Flash and Java.
I guess when you're the head of a cult, you can make people believe anything.

p/s: I found the article Here
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Add a Caption/Title #1

This will be my monthly segment where you got to add a caption/title/description to the picture, I pick the best (well you can too) and the most creative/interesting post will be featured in 'Add a Caption/Title #2' and so on..Easy huh?
Give it a's free :P

My Example: They tried to shave the donald's hair off, but it kept running away.. XD
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New Strummer (The Clash) Telecaster® Guitar!!

The legacy of Joe Strummer (1952-2002) continues to live on, grow louder and shake up the establishment with the release of the Joe Strummer Telecaster, modeled after the beat up and battle-hardened ’66 Tele® he wielded as leader of “the only band that matters”—seminal Brit punk commando unit the Clash.

Designed in cooperation with the Strummer estate, the guitar has a highly distressed “road-worn” treatment that duplicates the original’s worn-to-the-wood layers of gray auto primer and flat black spray paint. It also features a “Revolution Rock” engraved neckplate and a limited edition art customization kit that includes Strummer-inspired stencils, stickers and graphics by designer Shepard Fairey.

Visit Fender's Joe Strummer Telecaster website here ...
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iPhone nano soon?

J.P. Morgan analyst Kevin Chang believes that Apple is coming out with a second, much cheaper iPhone based on the current nano design. The new phone should be available in the 4th quarter of this year in time for the Christmas shopping season.

Referring to a patent filed by Apple, Chang believes the new device will have limited functionality and be competitively priced at less than half of today's iPhone. Chang concluded by saying that Apple could potentially sell about 40 million units of this "iPhone nano" in 2008, severely damaging the Motorola RAZR market.


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Big day for the bride of world's tallest man

When the world's tallest man says "I do" later this week, it will be a big day in every sense.

Bao Xishun 7ft 7in, is to marry Xia Shujuan, his 5ft 5in fiancée, at the Genghis Khan mausoleum in Inner Mongolia in a traditional ceremony.
Rehearsals for the wedding yesterday fell a little short, however, as Mr Bao, 56, was forced to stoop to fit into the wedding tent.
The couple had feared that they would be unable to live together because of a lack of suitable furniture.
However, their problems have been partly solved after a bed-making company agreed to donate a 9ft by 7ft bed as a wedding present.
Mr Bao said he has broken two smaller beds already.

Ke: I wonder how they share their 'intimate' moment together...sigh

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Download torrents with your Firefox

What? Download a torrent files with Firefox browser?'s true. Don't you believe me? Ok, please download this Wyzo/FireTorrent. It's an extension for Firefox. I have a friend who already installed it in his machine and download some of .torrent files but unfortunately its really slow down the Internet connection. And I don't have any idea how this guy can reach download speed nearly 100kbps. Weird..

Feel free to drop a comment if you have any experience using this extension. I really appreciate it..
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Liverpool hunt Babel

Reds in babel Hunt- Agent

Ryan babel's agent has claimed Liverpool have made a bid for the Ajax winger.
Babel impressed as the Holland Under-21 side won the recent European Champonship and has been heavily link with a move to Arsenal.
However it now appears Liverpool have joined the race to sign the 20-year-old.
His agent Winnie Haatrecht told Sportweek Weekend: 'I can say nothing about transfer fees, but i can confirm that Liverpool have made a bid for Ryan."
"Ryan himself hasn't spoken with that club. Only when Ajax says that the clubs have an agreement can we speak, and phase two starts."
"But it's not far yet. We first have to wait to see if the clubs reach a deal or not."

K3: With the arrival of Fernando Torres, I hope Quaresma and Babel will join Liverpool. This trio for sure will make Liverpool a stronger squad next season.

P/s: We don’t want another spitty-Diouf here...:P

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JC show how to monetize your blog (video)

John Chow made $12000 last month and Leo Laporte from The Lab got to interview John Chow on how he monetize his blog.
Here's the clip...

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Bittersweet <--Check this band out..!!

Bittersweet began in mid-2004 in Ipoh.Bittersweet finished recording their 2nd EP (Night and Morning Tales) on November 2004. They’ve been invited for shows at PISA Penang on January 2005. The feedback of the 2nd EP and the shows at Penang were more impressive than before. Bittersweet have been invited for plenty of shows after that in KL and Penang. Starting 2006, Bittersweet been received a rave reviews from the crowd and people mostly in Klang Valley itself. Bittersweet finished recorded their 1st single (A Perfect Match) on June 2006. The singles feedback was heavily impressive and the track A Perfect Match has been played in many radio stations such as Fly fm, Hot fm, and Mix fm. They also had been invited to play for a show at Baybeats festival 2006. By the end of 2006, Bittersweet has launched their 1st debut album, Perfect Match, on 16th December 2006 during Rock The World 7.

Check out their Myspace account and AMP site to listen to some of their songs.
Meanwhile, this is my personal favourite, Capital E. Live @ the Curve. Enjoy!!

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Create your own online magazine

idio online magazine

Try out your luck with Idiomag, an online magazine layed out to your specifications and content. Idiomag provides users with a free magazine that is totally personalized with your interests and constantly updated with text, audio and video.
The bad news, Ideomag currently only focuses on music, but they will be opening up to the technology, gaming, film and business world in the near future.The good news, this is the future of online publishing. With paper being the old school way in receiving information, it is quite possible that we see more online magazines growing up.
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I need help regarding iBook..!!

it's my brother's iBook..
he cant remember both his login and master password..
I've done some search in Apple website and they said that I must have the installation cd that came with the iBook to reset the password...
UNFORTUNATELY.. he cant found the cd ad he's in trouble now...
Does anyone has any solution?
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Blipfoto, daily photo journal

blipfoto photo journalTaking a lot of pictures in your daily life usually requires a place to store them, and show them off a little, especially if you have a knack for being a photog. Blipfoto is an online photo solution that lets registered users upload one photo every day to a unique personal URL and create a photo journal. The goal of the site is to get amateurs and pros alike to challenge themselves into uploading one unique photo per day. There is one simple rule for the site: if you upload an image on any given day, it must have been taken that day--there will be no cheating. Upon uploading, the photos are displayed on a flat grey background so there isn't any distraction from patterned backs, making it total gallery style. Photos can be flipped like a book, or a date can be selected from a calendar displayed on the page. A title and description area is available, and comments can be posted for each photo so people can stop by and leave their thoughts.
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10 things you never knew about Fernando Torres (Part 1) reveals 10 things you never knew about Fernando Torres:

1. The 23-year-old spent his early years in football as a keeper: "I played in goal until one day I got a couple of teeth knocked out by the ball," he explains. "I decided then that my career between the sticks was finished. Great save, though!"

2. Torres was snapped up by Atletico Madrid at the age of 11 after scoring a whopping 55 goals in his first season for amateur side Rayo 13.

3. It was just three years before the transfer rumours started. Aged only 14, the striker was linked to a host of European clubs, with Arsenal reportedly having a bid rejected.

4. In 1998 Torres was voted the best under-14 player in Europe following some dazzling displays in the Nike Cup. He'd later win player of the tournament at the 2001 European Under-16 Championships and 2002 European Under-19 Championships.

5. He was just 19 when he was named Atletico captain – the youngest skipper in the club's history.

Refer below for Part 2.
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10 things you never knew about Fernando Torres (part 2)

6. The striker won his first cap against Portugal in September 2003. Current Spain boss Luis Aragones describes him as a player who "never scores two goals the same".

7. Torres is no stranger to the hairdresser's. One fansite has counted 11 different hairdos since his first-team debut in 2001, including a mullet and a Mohican.

8. Talking of his appearance, the Spanish international is known in his homeland as El Nino, or The Kid, because of his baby-face.

9. Like would-be teammates Daniel Agger and John Arne Riise, Torres also has a penchant for tattoos. The striker has at least three to date, including one of his Atletico, Spain and now Liverpool shirt number, nine, on his right arm.

10. In May 2007 the forward revealed the words You'll Never Walk Alone written behind his captain's armband during a game against Real Sociedad. Two months later he signed for Liverpool, leaving the Vicente Calderon with a record of 82 goals in 214 league appearances
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