10 things you never knew about Fernando Torres (Part 1)

Liverpoolfc.tv reveals 10 things you never knew about Fernando Torres:

1. The 23-year-old spent his early years in football as a keeper: "I played in goal until one day I got a couple of teeth knocked out by the ball," he explains. "I decided then that my career between the sticks was finished. Great save, though!"

2. Torres was snapped up by Atletico Madrid at the age of 11 after scoring a whopping 55 goals in his first season for amateur side Rayo 13.

3. It was just three years before the transfer rumours started. Aged only 14, the striker was linked to a host of European clubs, with Arsenal reportedly having a bid rejected.

4. In 1998 Torres was voted the best under-14 player in Europe following some dazzling displays in the Nike Cup. He'd later win player of the tournament at the 2001 European Under-16 Championships and 2002 European Under-19 Championships.

5. He was just 19 when he was named Atletico captain – the youngest skipper in the club's history.

Refer below for Part 2.


Syafrizal said...

Finally Torres has moved to EPL. A lot of speculation have been made and now he's going to play for Liverpool. Congrats Liverpool fans, may your season work well for you guys hehe

i'm no johhny said...

yeah..mula2 cam tak suka torres masuk sbb takut die flop cam morientes...n garcia move to opposite direction..i love garcia so much...but now...maybe he will big hit in Anfield...cant wait to see him running scoring goals...anyway...kalo nak updates pasal liverpool leh g kat blog aku


sunday fishing said...

apsal liverpool mengong jual bellamy?
aku suka mamat tu, ada karisma.. berbanding dengan kuyt yg hampess...

hopefully torres will shine under Liverpools floodlight... hu hu

Ke said...

i'm no johnny : garcia mmg best tapi rafa ckp garcia nak 1st team football every game....he cant do that and terpakse jual kat atletico..kat sane every game dia boleh main..(maybe):P

Sunday fishing : Bellamy sold to west ham. maybe sbb liverpool dh ade byk strikers. 4 kot (torres, voronin, crouch and kuyt)...that's why lor..