How To Display Yahoo Messenger and Skype Online Button On Your Blog

You can put Yahoo Messenger and Skype 'Online Now' buttons on your website or blog so other people contact you easily.Same as the conditions if you want to have chat with other blogger who have same topics with your blog. You can send an instant message if the blogger are online by clicking the Yahoo messenger online button to have chat with the blogger.
To recognize the blogger whether online or not, the yellow color indicate the blogger are online in yahoo messenger. If it's in grey or in fade color, that's mean the blogger are not online.

<a href="ymsgr:sendIM?YOUR-YM-ID">
<img border=0 src="" /> </a>

Note : Replace the red text with your YM ID. You can choose any of these button design by replacing the blue text color.
  • t=0
  • t=1
  • t=2
  • t=5

After replacing it with your own YM ID, Copy the code above and go to Template > Page Elements and click Add a page element. And paste the code into Html/Javascript. Save the code and your done.

For Skype user you can go to Skype Website where you can customize your own buttons and then copy paste the code to your blog. However you must change your privacy setting to allow your status to be shown on the web. Creating is easy and straight-forward. Dont't have Skype? Download it here.Give it a try.

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New Apple retail centre to open in Kuala Lumpur

A 307m sq retail centre for Apple products will open on September 20 in Kuala Lumpur shopping mall.

A 307m sq retail centre for Apple products will open on September 20 in Kuala Lumpur shopping mall, The Pavilion. The centre will be managed by EpiCentre whose two other Apple stores are located in Singapore.
The store will have 5 zones: Digital Music, Digital Video, Digital Photography, Digital Audio and iLife. Each zone will feature a range of solutions fitting the category.

The centre will include a customer service centre offering trade-in programs, uploading of new applications into Apple devices, trouble-shooting, data transfer as well as back-up and software updates. Technical support will also be provided for all Apple products regardless of place of purchase.
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Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) show his tongue skills

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe showed off his special tongue talents on today’s (10/9) episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Well, he in fact shows off four, but who’s counting?!

Watch the video below and watch how Daniel’s tongue go wicki-wild!!!! (Ewww!!)
He’s not going to be single for much longer…

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Meet the New iPod Classic and iPod Nano

With up to 160GB of storage, iPod classic lets you carry everything in your collection, up to 40,000 songs or up to 200 hours of video everywhere you go. In a completely new, even thinner, all-metal design starting at $249, this iPod is a modern classic.
Apple announced the latest in its kind-of-sort-of successful iPod line, the sixth generation iPod "classic." Like the brand new iPod nano, the flagship iPod is also sporting an all-new interface, headlined by Cover Flow. The iPod comes in 80GB and 160GB capacities, with 30 hours of battery for audio playback, 6 hours of video on the 80GB version, and 40 hours / 7 hours for the 160GB unit. In addition to the new interface, the iPod classic is getting a new all-metal shell, and is selling at $249 for the 80 gigger, $349 for 160 that which should be hitting stores by the weekend.

The new iPod nano will include 2-inch, 320 x 240 screens that are 65-percent brighter than previous models and have the highest pixel density the company has ever shipped (204 pixels per inch). In addition to the new screens, the extra-wide player will sport an "enhanced" UI and its own version of Cover Flow. The nano will come bundled with 3 games, including a circular-Arkanoid rip-off called Vortex, and apparently you'll be able to purchase more from the iTunes store. The player's battery life has also been extended, with Apple touting 24 hours of playback for audio, and 5 hours for video. The 4GB model will be selling for $149, though it's only available in silver, while the rainbow-colored 8GB will leave you $199 lighter in the wallet. Both models will be in stores "by this weekend."
Via engadget
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Make Money Blogging With PayPerPost

So are you blogging for money or just blogging for fun? Why not apply
both of into your blog. I've never thought of making money online with blogging until
I saw some sponsored blog post scattered through the blogosphere. So did I went for it? Yes is the answer, I decided to take the opportunity and register.
After a week or two I've sign up for PayPerPost, I received an email saying that my blog
has been rejected because my blog wasn’t 3-months old. So after waiting for a couple of days I resubmitted my blog and in a week later my blog finally been approved and qualified to take the available oppurtunites. That means I can start making money from writing sponsored post.

PayPerPost is a blog advertising program that helps bloggers to earn money by writing a post for advertisers.It's free and signing up is very easy. Create an account, submit your blog for approval and then you are set to earn money when approved. The payment is made through
Paypal. But your blog must be 3-months old. So sign up now and once you are approved, you can look for the lists of opportunities listed in their dashboard.
What are you waiting for?
I am aiming to reach USD599 as soon as possible in PayPal to be able to buy a 8Gb iPhone.

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The New 'iPod Touch'

No descriptions needed. The picture says it all
Well, what do you know. Turns out the iPod touch is a reality after all. While we initially assumed that Mr. Jobs wouldn't be so kind as to bless us all with two new full-fledged iPods in a single day, we're elated that he had other ideas. The new flagship iPod has "the same size screen as the iPhone, but it's even thinner" (eight-millimeters, for those taking notes), and it also touts the "same multi-touch interface" found on the firm's handset. Additionally, it boasts a 3.5-inch widescreen display, the ability to "flick through your photos," and you even get the "slide to unlock" feature, too. And yes, this thing actually has WiFi. Of note, the built-in wireless antenna isn't exactly attractive, but if it means that we can surf the web (YouTube included) and buy tunes on our iPod, we suppose it may be an acceptable flaw. As for battery life, the touch is said to last 22-hours when playing back audio and 5-hours when watching video, but only time will tell how draining web surfing will be. The iPod touch will be arriving in 8GB and 16GB flavors and will be priced at $299 and $399, respectively, when they ship "worldwide in a few weeks."via engadget
* I will update on the new iPod Classic and Nano soon
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Unthinkable CD player design

This Mp3 player also can play CD but wouldn’t it be cool if you had an MP3/CD player that will fit in your pocket. This cool concept shows a way that you could have the best of both worlds.This 'Dual Music Player' or DMP dubbed the “Butterfly Knife-esque CD/MP3 Player” will let you listen to MP3 as you normally would, hang it around your neck or clip it on your jeans. Just open its sides and there you are with a CD player.
Just pop-in your favorite CD and let it spin your CDs while exposed to the world. I’m pretty sure that while this is cool, but it could also be used as a weapon. Just imagine if someone pressed that up against you while the cd was spinning. Ok, it might not be lethal, but it would give you a nice burn.
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