How To enable Sound/Audio for Windows when in Bootcamp mode.

So you have installed Bootcamp and Windows 7 and then you realize there's no sound, so this are 4 simple steps you can follow to enable the audio in Windows 7 on Bootcamp.
This is a useful guide if you have the problems like this:
1- You have no audio or sound.
2- In macbook pro, you may also see a red light in your audio jack.

So here's the solution:
1- Download the Macbook Pro Cirrus Logic CS4206A , google “”. or use the link here.
2- Open and
Extract the right type of Driver (depending on your windows XP/ 7/ 32 bit/ 64bit)
3- For Windows 7, Right Click on exe file of driver. Select Properties> Compatibility > Check run in compatibility as shown below. Select Windows Vista from drop down menu and Click OK.
Again, its all depends what version of Windows you use. As for me (win7) you dont have to check anything.

4. Double click the driver and install. Astalavista. DONE !!

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Free Blogger Template - Showcase

Do you like my new blog template ?? Do you want to download it?? Well this is the place to be!! Well you can see on the credits below this blog stated that this template is design by Dante Araujo and distributed by Mumbai Mania.
Its pretty clean and simple blog, suitable for photoblog or to display your creative art. You can download it at BloggerBlogTemplates .

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Ebook: PC Gamer Magazine - July 2009 Edition

*See the Code Below*


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Record your Mac Skype calls

Record your Mac Skype calls using Call Recorder.
Finally, an easy way to record Skype calls and podcast interviews. Call Recorder is an add-on for Skype which automatically transforms your audio or video calls into QuickTime movies. Download it below.


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EbookL Macworld April 2009 Edition

*Code After The Jump*

English | PDF | 100 Pages
Download Now!!

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E-Book Of the Week - How to Do Everything with Your iPhone

Get the most out of your iPhone by learning how to use all of its powerful capabilities. Filled with tips, tricks, and shortcuts, this book shows you how to set up your iPhone, make calls, manage voicemail, and load contacts. But that''''s just the beginning. You''''ll also learn how to send and receive email, listen to music, plan your week, play videos, and so much more. Plus, you''''ll find out how to install third-party applications and even use your iPhone with different carriers. Now that you''''ve got the hottest handheld on the market, take it to the limit with help from this hands-on guide.

Activate your iPhone and modify settings
Sync your data to your iPhone
Organize contacts, make calls, and use voicemail
Load and play music, podcasts, videos, and TV shows
Send, receive, and manage email and SMS messages
Browse the Internet with Safari
Manage and sync appointments with the calendar
Take pictures and view photos
Navigate using Google Maps
Get weather forecasts, YouTube videos, and stock information instantly
Troubleshoot and maintain your iPhone
Hack your iPhone to install third-party applications
Unlock your iPhone for use with different carriers
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Undelete your blogspot blog - New Blogspot Feature

Theres a new feature in Blogger Dashboard which you can use it to 'Undelete' or recover your deleted blog(s). Theres more screenshot after the jump.
1) As you can see in Dashboard (screenshot above) there's a function to show all your Deleted Blog(s).

2) After you undelete it will show this:

"This will permanently delete your blog including all posts. You can create another blog at this address using the Google Account you're currently logged in with, however, we can't restore your blog posts once you choose to delete your blog."

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iPhone 3g is finally here in Malaysia

The wait is over, iPhone 3g is finally here in Bolehland, Malaysia!! The Official iPhone Launch Event will be in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), Level 3, Grand Ballroom, 20th March 2009, 7pm till midnight. Book yours now!! (ending just before midnight on 17 March). Checkout Maxis iPhone 3g rate plan below:

The Value plan is divided into 2: i-Value Plans and Value Plus Plans
i-Value Plans is available either in 12 and 24 month contract
Value Plus Plain only available in 6 month contract

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10 Facts about Internet You Should Know (Pt.2)

Ooppss... sorry for not updating the site. I'm away for college but now thankfully its 3 months holiday. Just browsing my Blogger Dashboard and realize theres some posts that I should post back in the days. Kinda suprised to see the orange Draft sign. Pheww..
Whatever it is, this is a post for the article about '10 Facts about Internet You Should Know' Click for Part One.

11. Which decade really saw the explosion of the net?

The 1990s. The Internet exploded into the mainstream with the release of the first popular web browser Mosaic in 1993.

12. How fast is the Internet growing?

Very fast! It took 38 years for radio to reach 50 million users,13 years for TV, and only 5 years for the Internet. Source:

13. Number of Internet Users and Breakdown.

The Internet is roughly 35% English, 65% Non-English with the Chinese at 14%. Yet only 13% of world's population, 812 million are Internet users as of Dec. '04. North America has the highest continental concentration with 70% of the people using the Internet.

14. Country with the highest percentage of net users?

Sweden at 75%.

15. How big is the Internet's surfing world?

Google's index now stands at over 8 billion pages. There are now over a Billion Internet Users and that number is growing rapidily.

16. What was the Net's first index called?

Archie, other than library catalogs, this was the first index created in 1989 by Peter Deutsch at McGill in Montreal. Although it spouted such others as Veronica and Jughead, Archie was short for Archiver and had nothing to do with the comic strip.

Backrub was the original name for Google! Larry Page and Sergey Brin used this term for their search engine in 1996, Google as we know it debuted in 1998. The name Google is a twist on the word Googol, a number represented as 1 followed by 100 zeros.

17. Who coined the phrase 'The Web might be better than sex'?

Bob Metcalfe in 1995.

18. What does HTTP stand for?

HyperText Transfer Protocol - it's the protocol for moving files across the net; it requires two client programs. The HTTP client and the server.

19. What is HTML?

Hypertext Markup Language - it's the coded format language for transmitting and creating hypertext web pages.

20. What are your average surfing habits according to Nielsen NetRatings?

Each month you usually visit 59 domains, view 1,050 pages allocating 45 seconds for each page and spend about 25 hours doing all this net activity! Each surfing session lasts 51 minutes.
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New iPhone 3g Ad

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3G Iphone launched today, everyone panic

Introducing iPhone 3G. With fast 3G wireless technology, GPS, support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, and the new App Store, iPhone 3G puts even more amazing features in your hands. And just like the original iPhone, it combines three products in one —a revolutionary phone, a widescreen iPod, and a breakthrough Internet device.
3G iPhone will be available in 8GB (black)($199) and 16GB (black or white)($299)

More 3G iPhone photos and features after the jump.


3G Speed
3G gives you fast access to the Internet and email over your cellular network. And 3G makes it easier to multitask: When connected via 3G, you can surf the web even while you’re on a call.

Maps with GPS

GPS adds a new dimension to mobile phone mapping.

The App Store
The App Store lets you browse applications and download them directly to your iPhone. Some applications are even free.

Internet in Your Pocket.
iPhone features rich HTML email, Maps with GPS, and Safari — the most advanced web browser ever on a portable device.

Great Widescreen iPod
iPhone is an equally brilliant iPod. Enjoy music, videos, and more on the 3.5-inch color display and browse by album artwork with Cover Flow.

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5 Reasons to Buy iPhone

I've list the 5 reasons why you shouldnt buy iphone before which receive massive attention. I thought that its unfair we show only the negativity of this revolutionary phone ;So here what CNet has to say about on why you should buy iPhone.
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