Top ten most useless websites

If you haven't lived under a rock the last couple of years you know there's a lot of crap on the web. Some of the most useless stuff is posted and it sometimes looks people just place stuff on the net randomly. So this is a little list for you guys of the most useless sites on the net ever (maybe). Here's the Top 10. (Ignore the 'Click for More' link)

1.One Line Stories
Users posting "stories" using only a single sentence, the end.

2.Art of "Folding Money"
People folding their hard earned bucks into ducks.

3.20 Weird English Words
Floccinaucinihilipilification at it's finest.

Online "face" generator. How celebrities shop these days.

5.SPARTAAA(ad infinitum)
I can't think of NADAAAAAAAAA!

6.Shave Your Yeti
No, really. You know you want to.

7.Worst Album Covers
No, they don't mean a sucky band covering a good band. Literally album covers.

8.Programmer or Killer?
I wanted to check "both" for all. Anyone who spends that much time typing on a computer is a sick pupp... wait...

9.Calvin's Real Snowmen
Finally, someone who makes me feel better. They build snowmen based on a comic strip.

10.27 Funny Signs
I almost ignored this non-conformist prick of a site for not having a nice round "25" or "10", but it's funny and a good way to end a list.

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iPod named Best Gadget of All Time

iPod was the runaway winner in the Best Gadget of All Time category over other products like Sony Walkman, Sony PS2, and Nintendo Gameboy. It is hard to pick over these classic products, but iPods generated the more buzz and embraced a wide range of spectrum from the young to the old unlike other products. So, it is a worthy winner in this category.

Apple won six major awards in the T3 Gadget Awards. The iPhone won the other major prestigious award, “The Most Anticipated for 2008”; iPhone will be launched soon in UK in November . Runners up were Sony PSP Slim, Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft Xbox Elite and Nokia N95 Smartphone.
The iPod also won the “Best Commuter Gadget” the runners up are not bad either Archos 704 Wi-Fi, Blackberry Pearl, Nintendo DS Lite, Bose QC-3 and it won another award “Best Music Gadget”.

Apple iTunes won the “Best Download Service” with runners-up Emusic, Napster and Lovefilm. Apple’s MacBook Pro laptop took the “Drop Dead Gorgeous” award. Blackberry Pearl won the “Most Addictive Gadget” award for its ubiquitous presence in the UK; soon iPhone will take over after its release. So what do you think? Do you feel iPod as the best gadget of all time?
You can see the whole list of awards here.
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