How To Display Yahoo Messenger and Skype Online Button On Your Blog

You can put Yahoo Messenger and Skype 'Online Now' buttons on your website or blog so other people contact you easily.Same as the conditions if you want to have chat with other blogger who have same topics with your blog. You can send an instant message if the blogger are online by clicking the Yahoo messenger online button to have chat with the blogger.
To recognize the blogger whether online or not, the yellow color indicate the blogger are online in yahoo messenger. If it's in grey or in fade color, that's mean the blogger are not online.

<a href="ymsgr:sendIM?YOUR-YM-ID">
<img border=0 src="" /> </a>

Note : Replace the red text with your YM ID. You can choose any of these button design by replacing the blue text color.
  • t=0
  • t=1
  • t=2
  • t=5

After replacing it with your own YM ID, Copy the code above and go to Template > Page Elements and click Add a page element. And paste the code into Html/Javascript. Save the code and your done.

For Skype user you can go to Skype Website where you can customize your own buttons and then copy paste the code to your blog. However you must change your privacy setting to allow your status to be shown on the web. Creating is easy and straight-forward. Dont't have Skype? Download it here.Give it a try.


omid said...

thank you it was very useful

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thank goodness!! after long hours of research i finally got a useful and working code which i can use..

Ke said...

Your welcome OMID and RHAPSODY..
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Chanjira Jasie said...
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nash said...

i just want ask.. how to make html become text??
like ur html post above.

MPLUSPULSA005 said...

please send me other style in YM icon, beside t=2.. thanks