Big day for the bride of world's tallest man

When the world's tallest man says "I do" later this week, it will be a big day in every sense.

Bao Xishun 7ft 7in, is to marry Xia Shujuan, his 5ft 5in fiancée, at the Genghis Khan mausoleum in Inner Mongolia in a traditional ceremony.
Rehearsals for the wedding yesterday fell a little short, however, as Mr Bao, 56, was forced to stoop to fit into the wedding tent.
The couple had feared that they would be unable to live together because of a lack of suitable furniture.
However, their problems have been partly solved after a bed-making company agreed to donate a 9ft by 7ft bed as a wedding present.
Mr Bao said he has broken two smaller beds already.

Ke: I wonder how they share their 'intimate' moment together...sigh

2 comments: said...

tinggi gila lelaki nie...isteri dia takat pinggang dia jerk..huhu..

Ke said...

dah name pon world tallest man