Ride the World Longest Roller-Coaster Virtually

Steel Dragon 2000 is a longest roller coaster located at Nagashime Spa Land Amusement Park in Mie Prefecture, Japan. Built by Morgan Manufacturing, this gigacoaster opened, appropriately, in 2000 - "The Year of the Dragon". It set a record for longest track length with 8133 feet, 2 inches (2479 m), which it currently holds. The building of Steel Dragon 2000 required far more steel than other coasters for earthquake protection. This put the cost of the coaster at over $50,000,000. On, August 23, 2003, Steel Dragon 2000 was involved in an accident during a run in which one of its trains lost a wheel. The coaster did not operate during the 2004 and 2005 park seasons. It is open as of September 3, 2006. More picture after the video.