World of Warcraft in The Simpsons and Warcraft The Movie

A spoof from The Simpsons making fun of World of Warcraft.

Btw, World Of Warcraft will be a movie too.
According to a report from Blizzcon 07 told that Paul Sams and Chris Metzen from Blizzard Entertainment along with the chief creative officer from Legendary Pictures hosted a panel event to field questions from fans and provide some updates about the film.
Metzen also confirmed that "Warcraft is still in the scripting process, but that they have something that they're happy with. Further details were kept under wraps but Metzen told the crowd it would take place about a year before the events of World of Warcraft. Metzen was also quoted as saying that the script will be "principally told from the Alliance perspective." Legendary is still aiming for a 2009 release date, so stay tuned for any updates as they come our way.