iPhone..HACKED!! Just insert any simcard!!

Seventeen-year old George Hotz from New Jersey spent 500-odd hours trying to to unlock an iPhone so it can use a service plan other than AT&T.
Hotz posted the hack on his blog which could lead to the mushrooming of an entire industry devoted only to buying of iPhones, unlocking them, and selling them to people who don't have or don't want the AT&T service.
He plan to sell the gadget through eBay but changed his mind after
Terry Daidone, founder of CertiCell offered to make a trade for the iPhone. He traded it for a sweet Nissan 350Z and 3 8GB iPhones. But the iPhone he sold was his 2nd hacked iPhone, he kept the first one though. You can check out his blog if you want to learn how to unlock the iPhone step-by-step and use it in Malaysia via Maxis, Celcom or others. :P
Here's the interview of George with CNN.


iEn said...

thanks for dropping.. Iphone seriously exciting..