AC Milan 2-1 Liverpool

damn...milan won against liverpool 2-1...thanks to inzaghi's double...kuyt scores for the KOP..
it was a good game, superb football from both side. Liverpool hold the attacking throne but AC Milan defense were pretty tight. Nesta is everywhere in the box and Gattuso the tanker really stormed the midfield area. Liverpool early attacks were amazing but it was all wasted. If they managed to just nailed those opportunities, the end results might be different tonight.

I believe substituting Mascherano was a very big gamble and Benitez really paid the price. Sure, you need Crouch help already but Mascherano were doing a good job restricting Kaka’s move. Right after that subsitute, Kaka slip on the ball to Inzaghi and beat Reina for the second goal. The Italian side was really good at playing in the line of offside/onside. Dangerous!

Congrats to AC Milan for being the champion of UEFA Champions League 06/07! We all now can go back to our normal sleep schedule, eh?